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Fair Wind for the Fourth


Expert sailor Peggy Black is  teaching her friend, JoanneBranson, captain of the Fourth Form at St Claire’s, to handle a dinghy. The two girls have been challenged by Joanne’s cousin, Chip Graham, to a race, and on a training trip, some of Chip’s friends maroon the girls on an island by towing away their dinghy.

fair wind for the fourth



  • Fair Wind for the Fourth – Judy:  #366 (14 January 1967) – #371 (18 February 1967)

Sail-Away Cindy


Cindy Rivers, in whose father owns a boatyard in Brightsea, wins many of the sailing races she enters in her dinghy,”Sail-Away.” Hilda Bellamy, whose father also owns a boatyard, is Cindy’s greatest rival. In the local regatta, Cindy and Hilda tie in an important race.

sail away cindy



  • Sail Away Cindy  – Judy:  #335 (11 June 1966) –  #348 (10 September 1966)