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Lonely Lotty


Lotty Laing, a boarder at Abbeyfield School, was very shy, but, when she tried to make friends, she couldn’t help seeming snooty and conceited,so nobody liked her. Then she was falsely accused of stealing and ” put on trial ” for the rest of the term. Brenda Brown and her friend,Sharon O’Hara,were determined to make Lotty’s life miserable. Their latest plot had ruined Lotty’s midnight feast.

lonely lotty


  • Art: Bert Hill


  • Lonely Lotty –  Judy:  #1189 (23 October 1982) – #1197 (18 December 1982)

Timid Tina


Tina Hamilton is a shy girl. When her father remarries, and Tina feels inferior to her new stepsisters, Sandy and Louise, and younger brother Craig, because they are all lively and talented.



  • Writer: Maureen Hartley
  • Artist: Julio Bosch (Martin Puigagut?)


  • Timid Tina Judy: #1484 (18 June 1988) – #1492 (20 August 1988)
  • Reprinted – M&J: #252 (9 March 1996) – #260 (4 May 1996)