Debbie Complete Stories (picture)


Debbie had a lot of complete short stories, some of them had a theme such as the flower series and the famous names. Most didn’t have a theme, but historical settings were popular. Some stories include:

A Candle in the Dark
A story about Lady Jane Grey who occupied the English throne for 9 days before being imprisoned and later executed. Story told from point of view of a candlemaker’s daughter Kate who supplies Lady Jane’s page with candles for their prison cells.


Determined to Dance
Madame Greta Petrov spends an evening where one of her former pupils, Dianne Terry, is performing with the Stellar Ballet Company. In flashback, Madame Greta tells Dianne’s story. As a pupil she was a determined dancer but there was a mystery about her, particularly about her family. Madame Greta investigates and finds that Dianne is having lessons in secret because her father will not allow her to pursue ballet as her ballet star mother had died in a theatre fire. Madame Greta persuades the father to change his mind. Ironically, Dianne is now performing at the theatre where she used to work to pay for her secret lessons.


Millie – Maid of Metal
Gina Garth runs a boarding house with the help of Millie, a robot maid invented by scientist boarders, Tiny and Curly.


List of Stories

  • Millie – Maid of Metal –  Debbie:   #43 (8 December 1973)
  • A Candle Against the Dark – Debbie: #138 (4 October 1975), Art: Terry Aspin
  • Determined to Dance –  Debbie:  #139 (11 October 1975)
  • Sam’s Last Sleep  –  Debbie:  #141 (25 October 1975)
  • House of Cards  –  Debbie: #143 (8 November 1975)
  • The Seaweed on the Shore    –  Debbie:  #144 (15 November 1975)
  • The Golden Helen   –  Debbie:  #146 (29 November 1975)
  • Night Alarm –  Debbie:  #162 (20 March 1976)
  • The Stranger’s Secret – Debbie: #183  (14 August 1976)
  • The Forbidden Island

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