The Spell on Aunt Nell – and me as well! / My Weird Woolly!


Katie Bell and her Aunt Nell help out a gipsy woman, who tells them as a reward she can grant them one wish but it must be the same thing and they have to wish for it at the same time. Neither of them believe in spells but later in the evening they wish for each others lives during an argument. So this means boisterous Katie and prim Aunt Nell end up switching places at times.


Katie Bell returns in more weird adventures when she gets a Woolly (a jacket) that gets supercharged with static making it magnetic. Sometimes she can work this to her advantage but not always!



  • The Spell on Aunt Nell – and me as well! – Tracy: #1 (6 October 1979) – #10 (8 December 1979)
  • My Weird Woolly! – Tracy: #12 (26 January 1980) – #20 (16 February 1980)

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