The Saving of Sister Susie


Orphaned sisters Jane and Susie Miller were given a home by their greedy Aunt Margo and Uncle Harry. Jane was used as an unpaid servant, but was more concerned about her aunt and uncle’s plans to exploit Susie as a child model.

saving of sister susie


  • Artist: Hugh Thornton-Jones


  • The Saving of Sister Susie –  Tracy: #01 (06 Oct. 1979) – #12 (22 Dec. 1979)
  • Reprinted – Judy and Tracy:  #1412 (31 Jan. 1987) – #1423 (18 Apr. 1987)

One thought on “The Saving of Sister Susie

  1. The Saving Of Sister Susie ends in Tracy 12 (Dec. 22 1979). The version in Judy ends in 1423 (Apr. 18 1987).

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