Nadia’s New Dad


Nadia’s widowed mother had recently remarried. David, Nadia’s new dad, was wealthy and generous. He was determined to give Nadia all she could wish for. So far, this had not gone down well with Nadia’s friends.



  • Nadia’s New Dad – Tracy: #75 (17 March 1981) – #83 (2 May 1981)

3 thoughts on “Nadia’s New Dad

  1. There is a word missing, probably ‘give’, between ‘to’ and ‘Nadia’ in the third sentence of the above summary, and no gap has been left between the full stop at the end of sentence 3 and the beginning of sentence 4.

  2. Thank you. However, I omitted to mention that there should also be a comma, after ‘dad’, as ‘Nadia’s new dad’ is in apposition to David, explaining their relationship.

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