Slave to her Sister


After the tragic death of their archaeologist parents, Candy and Jill decided to start a small cattery to enable them to keep their home. Then Jill fell victim to a strange delusion believing herself to be the Princess Nefren of Ancient Egypt. Fearing they would lose their home if Jill’s state of mind became known, Candy resolved to keep quiet, even though it meant acting as her slave.


  • Writer: Marion Turner (under pen-name: Fiona Turner)


  • Slave to her SisterĀ – Tracy: #106 (10 October 1981) – #115 (12 December 1981)

One thought on “Slave to her Sister

  1. I remember this one. There was a cat named Seti, I think he turned out to be the cause of Jill’s delusion. I’d love to read this story again.

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