The Girl in the Blazer


When Kim Clark became a pupil at her Mum’s old school, Mrs Clark proudly produced her old school blazer for her to wear. Realising how much this meant to her mum, Kim decided not to tell her that Gorford Grammar was now a comprehensive where uniform wasn’t worn, of course this made her stand-out in the school.



  • The Girl in the Blazer – Tracy:   #220 (17 December 1983) – #234 (24 March 1984)

3 thoughts on “The Girl in the Blazer

  1. Ah, the things these protagonists will do in girls comics to spare their parents’ feelings.

    I wonder how it ended – with the mother finding out the truth? Or the blazer coming to some noble end?

    1. I can’t remember all the details, but it did end with the school deciding to bring back uniforms, but it wasn’t mandatory for students. Some of Kim’s new friends decided to start wearing uniform.

      1. Thank you for the information. I wonder if it was influenced by Grange Hill, which made uniform optional at one point?

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