Hard-Hearted Harriet


In Victorian times, Harriet Bond discovers she is living on borrowed time with an incurable illness. She devotes her remaining time to finding good homes for her brothers and sisters. To make them want to leave her, she pretends to turn hard hearted and unloving.



  • Artist: Dudley Wynne
  • The reprint in M&J wrongly claimed the story first appeared in Mandy in 1979 when in fact it appeared in Tracy. Although Mandy did have a very similar story “The Girl Who Gave Babies Away”


  • Hard-Hearted Harriet – Tracy:  #01 (06  Oct. 1979) – #13 (29 Dec. 1979)
  • Reprinted – Tracy: #213 (29 October 1983) – #225 (21 January 1984)
  • Reprinted (as Mandy classic) – M&J:   #74 (10 October 1992) – #87 (9 January 1993)

6 thoughts on “Hard-Hearted Harriet

  1. Hard-Hearted Harriet started in M&J 74 (Oct. 10 1992). However, despite its assertion that it first appeared in Mandy in 1979, the fact is that it never appeared in Mandy at any time. Wherever it did appear, probably in Judy, it was seriously influenced by the serial The Girl who Gave Babies Away in Mandy 732 (?) (Jan. 24 1981) – 747 (May 9 1981), but although the plots and outcomes are similar, they are definitely two different stories.

  2. Readers of M&J in October 1992 were misled regarding the original appearance of Hard-Hearted Harriet because it actually appeared in Tracy 1 (Oct. 6 1979) – 13 (Dec. 29 1979), not in Mandy.

  3. Hard Hearted Harriet was definitely a story in Tracy, not Mandy or Judy. As a child I purchased Tracy and Bunty comics every week and remember this story well.

    1. As the M&J slot only referred to the reprints as Judy/Mandy classics, I guess they could not say the story originally appeared in Tracy. They did not say “Lady Sarah’s Secret” originally appeared in Emma, only that it was a Judy classic. But both stories were reprinted in Mandy or Judy before being reprinted in the classics.

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