Glenda Greeneyes [1984]


Glenda Johnson’s cousin Julie comes to stay. However, things keep going wrong around Julie, which gives everyone, even Glenda’s parents, the impression that Glenda is jealous of her. This, combined with Glenda having green eyes, has people calling her “Glenda Greeneyes”. Eventually Glenda gets so fed up with the moniker and unjust accusations of jealousy and spite that she writes to her grandmother for help.


Drawn by same artist as “I’ll Get Rid of Rona!” from Tracy.


  • Glenda Greeneyes Tracy: #228 (February 11 1984) – #237 (April 14 1984)

10 thoughts on “Glenda Greeneyes [1984]

  1. This serial ran in 1984. According to my notebook I do have all the issues of TRACY for that year, but unlike those for 1979 -1983, those for 1984 are not in my house so they must still be in the lock-up in Penzance. However, I have arranged with Russell that both of us will go down there on Sunday to extract every box that will fit into his camper van and my car. it might need two trips but Russ is well aware of how important it is for me to have access to my issues of JUDY and MANDY in particular. TRACY isn’t quite so urgent but the sooner the lock-up has been emptied, the sooner I will be able to stop paying £120 per month storage fees, which I have been paying for four months to date. Nevertheless, in view of the request above, I will try my best to extract on Sunday the box containing the issues of TRACY for 1984.

    1. Thanks, Derek. If you find the serial can you also please provide Glenda’s surname and the name of her cousin? Thank you.

  2. I always try to be thorough, Briony, and have no plans to make your query an exception to my rule. So sit back and relax.

  3. You may have to sit back and relax a while longer, Briony, because Russ has gone into work this morning, perhaps making up the time lost when he had to take Lois to the dentist. As it will be dark by the time he gets home, and there is no lighting near the lock-up, the likelihood is that we will have to wait until some point next weekend.

    1. Russ did not go into work this morning, the upshot of which was his arrival at my house just around lunchtime in his campervan, or I should say one of his campervans, with thirty-three boxes from the lock-up in Penzance, one of which contained every issue of TRACY for 1984. So, Briony, let’s get to the nitty gritty. Glenda Greeneyes ran in TRACY 228 (February 11 1984) – 237 (April 14 1984). Glenda’s surname was Johnson, her cousin was called Julie.

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