“I’ll Stand By You!”


Gail Walker’s best friend, Paula Sharp, has been accused of stealing by her classmates at Lingford Girls’ School. Only Gail was prepared to stand by Paula.



  • Art: Sean Phillips


  • “I’ll Stand By You!” – Nikki: #170 (21 May 1988) – #177 (9 July 1988)

5 thoughts on ““I’ll Stand By You!”

  1. Did the serial end with Gail discovering Paula is the culprit after all? I recall a serial ending that way but don’t remember the title.

  2. Yes, it did, Muffin. Miss Perkins had made Gail tidy up the changing room, and in the process she finds Suzanne’s bracelet in the pocket of Paula’s shorts. Paula immediately admits to Gail that she is the thief. Gail only starts to believe her when Paula explains how pushed out she has felt at home after the birth of her sister, and has needed to draw attention to herself to get back at her parents. After returning every item she stole to the original owners, she feels happier as they appear to want to be friends with her again. Not the case where Gail is concerned though. She instantly ends their friendship. Paula doesn’t understand why, given that she has apologised, but Gail tells her that although the other girls have accepted her apology, she never will, because she had believed her and therefore stood by her. Gail walks away telling Paula to find a new best friend. By the way, there is no ‘e’ on the end of ‘Sharp’.

    1. I like how Gail does not glibly forgive Paula as the other girls do. In fact, Paula may have gotten off way too easily. For one thing, how can those girls trust her ever again? You would think at least some of them would go the way of Paula and give Gail the cold shoulder.

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