Clare- The Children’s Champion


After a cholera epidemic, Sir Frederick Winton, a wealthy man decides to help orphan children taking them into his home. Clare Gaston is the first orphan he rescues and she becomes responsible for supervising the other children.

clare childrens champion



  • Clare- The Children’s Champion–  Bunty: #688 (20 March 1971) – #699 (05 June 1971)


One thought on “Clare- The Children’s Champion

  1. Clare – The Children’s Champion ran in Bunty 688 (Mar. 20 1971) – 699 (Jun. 5 1971). The plot of this story is based on, and heavily indebted to, Lost Boys Of The Hungry Forties, a text serial in The Wizard 1296 (Dec. 16 1950) – 1304 (Feb. 10 1951), which was repeated as a picture strip in The New Hotspur 142 (Jul. 7 1962) – 149 (Aug. 25 1962). Joe Gasson in The Wizard becomes Clare Gaston in Bunty, and Sir Frederick Winston becomes Sir Frederick Winton. In the serial in The New Hotspur Joe remains Gasson but Sir Frederick is renamed Winton.

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