No Tennis for Tessa


Tessa Lyons once the wondergirl of tennis, was now confined to a wheelchair, living with her family she once ignored. Her father refused to have any mention of tennis in his house, but Tessa sees that her younger sister Alice has the potential to become a tennis player.

No Tennis for Tessa


  • Art: Colin Merrett


  • No Tennis for Tessa –  Bunty: #1164 (03 May 1980) –  #1182 (6 September 1980)

8 thoughts on “No Tennis for Tessa

    1. No! “Geen tennis voor Trix” = “Chained to her Racket!” from Judy. For example: The first page in Debbie Parade Album #13 is marked with “JDY 29-7-78”.

  1. I’m sorry to have to disappoint you, Yuuki, but ‘No Tennis For Tessa’ did start in BUNTY 1164 (May 3 1980) and ended in 1182 (September 6 1980). There is no connection whatsoever with ‘Chained To Her Racket’.

    1. I think Yuuki is saying that Dutch translation was of Judy’s “Chained to Her Racket” not “No Tennis for Tessa” which had been suggested by Ramon. Althought the Dutch title does seem to match up better to this story.

  2. It does indeed, Lorraine. However, my issue number and date are correct for the final issue of ‘No Tennis For Tessa’ so you could certainly add those to your ‘Appeared’ information above.

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