Miss Junior Miss


Brenda Marsh works as a junior model for Maurice Anton, a famous dress designer. Brenda’s main job is to model the Junior Miss style of clothes which Anton has designed. Mademoiselle Laporte, Anton’s manageress, sends Brenda and another junior Model, Jane Sinclair, to Paris to model clothes for another designer, Madame Brien. With Brenda and Jane are Jennifer Drury, a famous model, and John Bellamy, Maurice Anton’s designer. At the fashion show, Brenda sees a man who she is sure is taking secret photographs of the new styles, using a camera disguised as a hearing aid. miss junior miss


  • Text story


  • Miss Junior Miss  – Judy:  #188 (17 August 1963) – #202 (23 November 1963)

Other Appearances

  • Miss Junior Miss – Judy Picture Story Library: #16

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