The Red House


In the 19th Century, Alice Evans is personal maid to Dorothea Maris, wealthy young owner of the sombre Red House. Alice discovers that Dorothea’s relatives, Henry and Selina Scotter, are trying to keep Dorothea a helpless invalid for some secret purpose of their own, but Alice encourages Dorothea to walk. Knowing this, the Scotters stage an incident in which she girls are almost drowned, but luckily a passing boat rescues them. The Scatters convince Dorothea that Alice is to blame for the accident and she is dismissed. While Alice is packing her belongings, she sees a man prowling about in the grounds. To her amazement, it is the stranger who rescued Dorothea and herself when they had been left to drown by the Scotters.

the red house



  • The Red House  – Judy:   #337 (25 June 1966) –  #344 (13 August 1966)

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