The Lost Children


Blind Dianne Hart was made a  servant when her cousin, Ralph Stone, inherited her late father’s coal-mine. She was horrified when Stone brought in orphans and made the youngest of them work a night-shift underground. She decided on a rescue attempt, hoping to get them to a secret hide-out where three others were already concealed.

lost children


  • Art: Bert Hill


  • The Lost Children –  Judy:   #932 (19 Nov. 1977) – #945 (18 Feb. 1978)

4 thoughts on “The Lost Children

    1. He did a couple with “A Switch in Time” in M&J and a complete pony story “Porridge Pulls His Weight” in Tammy. Actually, I do see his artwork as being quite suited to period stories. Incidentally, the Tammy story is how I know his name, because at this stage Tammy was running credits.

  1. First thing I associate him with is “Girl with the Golden Smile” so maybe thats why I don’t automatically think of him with period stories, he does good work in either though.

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