The Brickfield Belles


When Lynn Jones, an Olympic sprint gold medallist, returned to home town of Brickfield, she founded the Brickfield Athletic Club to help girls of the town who had no ether facilities to become athletes. Although the Brickfield Belles, as they called themselves, were interested in all events, track and field, their main concern was to train a winning 4 x 100 metres relay team. The team, which it was hoped would help bring publicity and support for the club, had been challenged to race against a team in a house match at the exclusive girls’ school, “The Mount”. Meanwhile, the girls trained by road-running.



  • Artist: Oliver Passingham


  • The Brickfield Belles   Judy:  #550 (25 July 1970) – (?)
  • Reprinted   Judy:  circa #1238 (01 October 1983) – (?)

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