A Holiday to Remember


A series of complete stories about holidays. Such as in

Sleepy-Town Surprise

Marion Jackson arrives at sleepy town to help her gran for the holidays.  She wishes the village was livelier. Then she finds a mystery with pies and meets baker Mike, the pies are being ate by young runaway Willie Tomkins


  • Each story had individual title with the “a holiday to remember” subtitle, except for The Stranger’s Secret which had no subtitle.
  • Appropriately the series ran during the Summer.
  • Various artists including Terry Aspin


  • A Holiday to Remember – Debbie: #177 (3 July 1976) – #184 (21 August 1976) [no episode in issue #179]


List of Stories

  • Beside the Seaside – Debbie: #177
  • Too Good to Be True – Debbie: #178
  • Sleepy-Town Surprise – Debbie: #180
  • A Dream Come True  – Debbie: #181 (Art: Terry Aspin)
  • The Cottage by the Sea – Debbie: #182
  • The Stranger’s Secret – Debbie: #183 (Art: Terry Aspin)
  • Susanna’s First Ball – Debbie: #174

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