Stacey’s First Term / Haunted by the Past!


It was Stacey Moores first term at her new boarding school St Mead’s.  Without meaning to  Stacey had given the impression that Phillipa Gray, a famous actress, was her aunt. She was finding it hard to own up to the truth.

Stacey and her new friends, Diane and Jill, return in a sequel, Haunted by the Past! They were trying to help a ghost who she was wrongly accused of stealing a jewel.


  • Photo story
  • Unusually, in just the first episode, Stacey thinks about her home and those memories are hand-drawn by George Martin (rather than photo).


  • Stacey’s First Term – Debbie:  #476 (27 March 1982) – #479 (17 April 1982)
  • Haunted by the Past! – Debbie:  #490 (3 July 1982) – #493 (24 July 1982)

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