Sampan Susie


Susie half Chinese half English had lived on a house boat in Hong Kong until the Kobra gang forced her to seek safety in a School of Kenpo, a form of Karate. Susie was learning a lot and on a survival test Susie was being tracked by Tang a fellow student but two of Cobra’s men had also followed her.



  • Sampan Susie – Judy: #767 (21 September 1974) – #781 (28 December 1974)

One thought on “Sampan Susie

  1. This story was reprinted in the Netherlands in Peggy 5 of 1982 as ‘Susie van de Sampans’.

    In the Netherlands, numbers started at 1 every year, instead of the numbers continuing or just having a date printed on the cover, as it was in the UK. The number on the cover most of the time indicated the week or month. So in this case, ‘Sampan Susie’ was reprinted in the Peggy of May 1982.

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