The Midgees


Everything started to go wrong for Stella Stacey the moment a spaceship, manned by “Midgees”, crash-landed on her bedroom ceiling and stuck there in place of her bedroom lamp. Stella tried to keep the Midgees a secret from her parents while the little aliens repaired their spaceship.


  • Art: Robert Hamilton


  • The Midgees – Judy: #858 (19 June 1976) – #872 (25 September 1976)

3 thoughts on “The Midgees

  1. The premise sounds similar to “The Spaceship in Our Kitchen” from Diana (midget aliens attach their spaceship to a light fitting while they carry out repairs). I wonder if it was the same writer?

    1. Good point, lot of similarities, could be same writer or editors giving another writer plot points to reuse.

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