Baby Went Too!


When Barbara Bunting’s mother went into hospital, Barbara had to look after her baby brother. It seemed as if she would have to give up the scholarship she had won to Chalford School for Girls, but Miss Worthey, the Headmistress, allowed Barbara to take Baby Bunting along to school with her—on condition, that Baby did not interfere with schoolwork.

baby went too


  • Barbara Bunting is renamed Barbara Small in the reprint
  • Art: Selby Donnison (Bunty Picture Story Library #206)


  • Baby Went Too! – Mandy: #103 (4 January 1969) – #111 (1 March 1969)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #515 (27 November 1976) – #522 (15 January 1977)

Other Appearances:

4 thoughts on “Baby Went Too!

  1. This story was also reworked as a Picture Story Library – Bunty PSL #206 “And Baby Went Too!”. The PSL was drawn by Selby Donnison.

  2. ‘Baby Went Too!’ first appeared in MANDY 103 (4 January 1969) – 111 (1 March 1969).
    The reprint ended in MANDY 522 (15 January 1977). You can get some idea of my opinion as to its quality when you eventually discover that this title has NOT been selected for inclusion in BAHS.

    1. It was a ridiculous premise, that the only solution was that poor Barbara expected to take care of her brother and study at school at same time.

      1. It is amazing how a premise for a story can be ridiculous, yet readers like the story all the same. The fact that this story scored annual and PSL appearances does indicate it was popular. Guess anything with a baby used for humour is likely to be popular.

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