Bonny from the Backwoods


Orphaned Bonny Boon and her dog, Smokey, lived in a cave on the outskirts of the American frontier town of Crystal Springs. Bonny made a living by trapping and selling fur pelts, and because of her wild way of life, all but one of the grown-ups of the town treated her as an outcast. Bonny warned them that the fierce Shawnee Indians were about to attack Crystal Springs. At first, Bonny was not believed, but finally the town prepared to defend itself against the Shawnee raiders …



  • Bonny from the Backwoods – Mandy: #287 (15 July  1972) – #299 (7 October 1972)

One thought on “Bonny from the Backwoods

  1. “Bonny from the Backwoods” begins in Mandy: #287 (July 15, 1972) and ends in Mandy: #299 (October 7, 1972).

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