The Sad Spells of Fay Martin


On her twelfth birthday Fay Martin is told by Aggie an old witch, that Fay is a changeling brought up to as a mortal.  Fay could make spells – but each one she uses means she is a day closer to be taken back to the Underworld.

sad spells of fay


  • Writer: Maureen Hartley


  • The Sad Spells of Fay Martin –  Mandy:   #329 (5 May 1973) – #346 (1 September 1973)
  • Reprinted – Mandy #647 (9 June 1979) – #665 (13  October 1979) [no episode #663]


4 thoughts on “The Sad Spells of Fay Martin

    1. I only have 2 episodes myself, it doesn’t seem to have been reprinted either which is surprising – at least I haven’t seen it in any later issues I have, although I have gaps!

  1. The Sad Spells Of Fay Martin was reprinted. The repeat appeared in Mandy 647 (June 9 1979) – 665 (October 13 1979). No instalment in 663.

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