Dark Days for the Hungry Hopes / The Voyage of the Hungry Hopes


It is the year 1840, a hungry year. When Jess Hope’s father dies, she sets out to get the family to America. But they run into problems, and these are hungry times. A sequel follows the Hope family voyage and arrival in the New World.



  • For issues #184 and #185 the title changed from The Voyage of the Hungry Hope to The Hungry Hopes In The New World.


  • Dark Days for the Hungry Hopes –  Debbie: #165 (10 April 1976) – #172 (29 May 1976)
  • The Voyage of the Hungry Hopes/The Hungry Hopes in the New World – Debbie #180 (24 July 1976) – #185 (28 August 1976)

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