A New Home for Harvey


The adventures of a dog named Harvey. In the first story, A New Home for Harvey, after being abandoned, Harvey finds a new home with Pat and her family but then they have to move to an apartment complex that doesn’t allow pets. The family try and find a new home but Harvey is determined to stay with Pat

In A Holiday for Harvey, him and Pat go to work at Sandhill Holiday Camp and Lucy the owner’s grandchild get’s quite attached to Harvey.

In Harvey’s Hotel – Harvey and his owner Pat are helping Pat’s sister Sara and her husband Greg at the hotel they run.

In Harvey – Go Home!, Harvey needs to find his way home and gets in many adventures on the way.

harvey go home



  • A New Home for Harvey – Tracy: #01 (06 October 1979) – (?)
  • A Holiday for Harvey – Tracy: circa #104 (26 September 1981) – (?)
  • Harvey’s Hotel – Tracy:   #151 (21 August 1982) -(?)
  • Harvey – Go Home! – Tracy: circa #255 (18 August 1984) – (?)
  • Harvey – Go Home!  –  Judy and Tracy: #1306 (19 January 1985) – (?)

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