A Lion Called Marmaduke


In Nazi Germany, during the Second World War, two Dutch youngsters Greta Mappel and Piet Tilburg were trying to get home to Holland. They had an unusual companion, an old circus lion called Marmaduke.

lion called marmaduke


  • Art: Juan Alonso


  • A Lion Called Marmaduke – Debbie: #173 (5 June 1976) – #182 (7 August 1976)

3 thoughts on “A Lion Called Marmaduke

      1. Sí pero no recuerdo los títulos. Participé en una sección que se llamaba “Letters to Leslie”. También recuerdo haber dibujado, sustituyendo a José Ortiz, dos series de época, creo que las dos tenían como protagonista a alguna marquesa joven y unos cuadernillos de colegialas jóvenes.

        Yes but I don’t remember the titles. I participated in a section called “Letters to Leslie”. I also remember having drawn, replacing José Ortiz, two period series, I think both had as protagonist some young marquise and some booklets of young schoolgirls.

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