Terror at Tall Towers / “S-S-Sylvia Wants to S-S-Sing!”


Melanie Forsyth was the leading soloist at the Sheringly school choir which was competing at the Tall Towers song festival. Melanie was being threatened by a ghostly hooded figure, that called herself Sylvia. Sylvia didn’t want her to sing, and Melanie suspected one of the other girls in the choir was responsible. She seeks help from Mr Armstrong the blind piano tuner to uncover the culprit.



  • Terror at Tall Towers – Suzy: #45 (16 July 1983) – #50 (20 August 1983)
  • Reprinted as “S-S-Sylvia Wants to S-S-Sing!” – Judy: #1550 (23 September 1989) – #1555 (28 October 1989)

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