Ella and the Electrids


Ella Gibson, a pupil at Cragmere Grange, was struck by lightning  on the moors. She was unhurt, but on her right wrist was the print of a horseshoe from a chain bracelet given to her by Josh Jessop. He was the village blacksmith, who said it would protect her from evil.  During another storm, a weird whirling shape formed out of the rain and entered the school’s sick room, but when Ella thrust out the horseshoe, the thing disintegrated. Later, Ella found she attracted metal object – like a human magnet. The swirling shapes that Ella named the Electrids, took control of several people at her school



  • Ella and the Electrids – Mandy: #551 (6August 1977) – #556 (10 September 1977)

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