Her Worship Wendy / Her Worship Winnie / Wendy’s Top Team


Wendy Shuttle’s  father was the Mayor of Chasebury and, as her mother was dead, he had appointed schoolgirl, Wendy as Mayoress! Wendy returned in a sequel Wendy’s Top Team where she needed to organise a team of entertainers who would represent the town in a “Top Town” contest.

In the reprint in Tracy the names were changed, so Wendy Shuttle become’s Winnie Watson of Brumington.


her worship wendy


  • Art: “B.Jackson
  • Sequel different artist.


  • Her Worship Wendy – Mandy: circa #42 (4 November 1967)- (?)
    • Reprinted as Her Worship Winnie – Tracy:  #208 (24 September 1983) – #222 (31 December 1983)
  • Wendy’s Top Team – Mandy: #129 (5 July 1969) – (?)

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