Run, Ruth, Run!


A spiteful gipsy girl tells Ruth Stevens that when her family are in their car together, they will be killed. Not knowing this is a lie, Ruth runs away so the prophecy can’t come true.


  • Artist: Tony Higham


  • Run, Ruth, Run! – Mandy: #751 (6 June 1981) – #762 (22 August 1981)

5 thoughts on “Run, Ruth, Run!

  1. I am virtually certain that ‘Run, Ruth, Run!’ starts in MANDY 751 (June 6 1981). I don’t have issue 750 in my collection but no serial ends in 749. The statement above the title in 751 is “What is to be will be! Accept your fate, you cannot change it!”, and in the introductory panel is the statement ‘Ruth Stevens lives happily with her mum and dad and brother Andy. But things are about to change…’

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