The Search for Snow White


Sally Foster helped her grandfather with his touring concert party, The Starlight Players. Sally had bought a set of antique puppets, representing the Seven Dwarfs, thinking they could be used in the puppet act. But the dwarfs brought bad luck to the party, and a series of accidents had occurred—each one after a similar mishap had happened to one of the puppets. Sally’s grandfather was now in hospital, and Sally’s attempts at getting rid of the dwarfs had failed.



  • The Search for Snow White  – Mandy: #779 (19 December 1981) – #793 (27 March 1982)

One thought on “The Search for Snow White

  1. “The Search for Snow White” begins in Mandy #779 (December 19, 1981) and ends in Mandy #793 (March 27, 1982).

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