Tomorrow’s Champion the story of a skater


When Susan Kemp, a sixteen-year-old orphan, went  to live with the unpleasant Fletcher family, all that kept her going was her love of skating and her dream of one day becoming British champion. The Fletchers daughter, Carol, also took part in the rink competitions and she was jealous of Susan. The only friend Susan had was a mysterious woman, who helped her when the was in trouble. Susan’s happiness at achieving Bronze Medal standard was clouded by the fact that she had strained her back in helping Carol when they were in a train crash.


  • Art: Tony Thewenetti


  • Tomorrow’s Champion the Story of a Skater –Mandy: #139 (13 September 1969) – (?)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #512 (6 November 1976) –  (522?)

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