The Story of Heidi


Heidi a young Swiss orphan lives with her grandfather on top of the mountain Alm. While the villagers think of him as an ogre, Heidi has seen the kinder side of him. She is happy living with him until her aunt comes to take her away and be a companion with an invalid girl Clara.



  • Adapted from the book Heidi by Johanna Spyri


  • The Story of Heidi–  Bunty: circa #118 (16 Jan 1960) – ?


2 thoughts on “The Story of Heidi

  1. Text adapted: María del Pilar Gabin Escarrá (Spain)
    Pencils: Ángel Badía Camps (Spain)

    I have de number of Editorial Bruguera with this story in spanish. Year 1959 for artists. First edition in 1966.

    Is no possible included here the images… What pain.

    1. The appearance information above is inaccurate. The Story of Heidi ran in Bunty 116 (Apr. 2 1960) – 121 (May 7 1960).

      Regarding the issue of uploading images from any or all story papers for girls, Jose, you would need to take this up with lorrsadmin. It is obviously possible given that Lorraine or Mistyfan have provided one per serial. Over the years I have consulted many of their presentations, and I can’t recall any serial which wasn’t accompanied by a relevant illustration.

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