Maisie Mercury


Maisie Mercury was banished from the School of Gods to Earth because she was badly behaved. She was set a number of tasks by Jupiter, the chief god. She was doing well , but she didn’t realise her school teacher, Somnus,  was trying to sabotage her efforts so that she wouldn’t return to his classroom.  She returns in  other stories where she is put in charge of new wishing well,  and another time a crystal ball, but again a rival tries to strip her of her post.

Maisie Mercury


  • Artist: Terry Aspin
  • Reprinted in Dutch as “Het meisje van Mercurius” – Debbie Parade Album #50,


  • Maisie Mercury –  Bunty: #1451 (2 November 1985) – #1474 (12 April 1986)
  • Maisie Mercury –  Bunty: #1615 (24 December 1988) – #1626 (11 March 1989)
  • Maisie Mercury –  Bunty: #1735 ( 13 April 1991) – #1742 (1 June 1991)

Other Appearances:

  • Maisie Mercury –  Bunty Annual 1992
  • Maisie Mercury –  Debbie  Picture Story Library: #173

6 thoughts on “Maisie Mercury

  1. Just for the record, the first of the ‘Maisie Mercury’ titles as listed above started in BUNTY 1451 (November 2 1985). The third ‘Maisie Mercury’ title listed above ended in BUNTY 1742 (June 1 1991). All the mischief in the latter was in full colour.

    As a more or less irrelevant aside, the singer featured on the rear cover of BUNTY 1734, which alerts the reader to the serials beginning the following week, one of which was ‘Maisie Mercury’, is Belinda Carlisle. My late friend Billy Nicholls used to fancy her something rotten, but I couldn’t see what he saw in her. Lesley Anne Down on the other hand was a different kettle of fish.

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