Kitty Hawke and her All-Girl Air Crew


The adventures of Kitty Hawke and her All Girl Aircrew consisting of Winifred ‘Windfall’ White, Radio Officer Jean Stuart and Navigator Patricia D’Arcy. Kitty was the fiesty daughter of the owner of Hawke airlines and determined to show her father that girls can do same things as men.


  • As Girl was a counterpart to the boy’s paper Eagle, Kitty Hawke was a kind of equivalent to Eagle’s Dan Dare.
  • It started as the cover story but was replaced by Wendy and Jinx
  • Art: Ray Bailey


  • Kitty Hawke and her All-Girl Crew– ¬†Girl: Vol. 1 #1 (2 Nov. 1951) – Vol. 1 #21 (21 Mar. 1952)

2 thoughts on “Kitty Hawke and her All-Girl Air Crew

  1. Kitty Hawke And Her All-Girl Air Crew, to give the serial its complete title, ends in 21 (Mar. 21 1952). If this serial was ever placed inside the comic, it didn’t happen before issue 52 (Oct. 22 1952), which is the last issue in my bound Volume 1 containing issues 1 to 52.

    1. I seem to remember something about being in a pyramid. My sister and I used to read each other’s comics. We both remember the sisappointment when the series ended.

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