Susan of St. Bride’s


Susan Marsh is a student nurse of St. Brides. In one story Susan finds an abandoned baby with a bad burn. When she discovers the burn can only be healed with a skin graft from a parent she starts to search for the parents. Another story sees the hospital taken over by their traditional rivals St. Bartophs, Susan and her friends Carol and Lois are sent to work in the new private wing. When their staff nurse Peggy is replaced by Julie Oliver from St. Bartophs, Carol and Lois are not happy thinking Julie used her connections to get the job. Susan however likes Julie and wants to help her out.

susan of st brides 3          susan of st brides 2
Art: Peter Kay                                                                          Art: Ray Bailey & Philip Townsend

susan of st brides

Art: Philip Townsend & Leo Davy


  • The story appeared as the cover story for a long period of time replacing Wendy and Jinx.
  • Art: Peter Kay, Ray Bailey , Philip Townsend, Leo Davy
  • Story: Ruth Adam


  • Susan of St. Bride’s – Girl:  1954 – 18 November 1961
  • Susan of St. Bride’s – The Little Dutch Girl 
  • Girl:  circa Vol. 6 #40 (02 October  1957) – ?
  • Story: Ruth Adam, Art: Peter Kay
  • Susan of St. Bride’s in The Foundling –
  • Girl:  circa Vol. 8 #28 (29 August  1959) – Vol. 9 #3 (16 January 1960)
  • Story: Ruth Adam, Art: Ray Bailey & Philip Townsand
  • Susan of St. Bride’s in The New Staff-Nurse –
  • Girl: Vol. 9 #4 (23 January 1960) – Vol. 9 #13 (26 March 1960)
  • Story: Ruth Adam, Art: Ray Bailey & Philip Townsand
  • Susan 0f St. Bride’s in Relief Nurse –
  • Girl: Vol. 9 #14 (07 March 1960) – ?
  • Story: Ruth Adam, Art: Ray Bailey & Philip Townsand
  • Susan of St. Bride’s in Time for Study –
  • Girl:  circa Vol. 10 #9 (04 March 1961) – ?
  • Story: Ruth Adam, Art: Philip Townsand  & Leo Davy

Other Appearances: 

  • Susan of St. Bride’s– The Best of Girl
  • Susan of St. Bride’s – Girl Annual 6
  • A Stepmother for Susan of St. Bride’s – Girl Novel  by Ruth Adam(1958)

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