Kay Of The ‘Courier’


Kay Roper is a reporter for the Shepley Courier which leads her to solving various mysteries and getting into adventures. In one story Kay and Bob, a reporter from the Evening Star, suspect that a priceless necklace stolen from Llyods’ stores, has been hidden in a rocking-horse. Kay unjustly fired from the Courier gets a job at Llyods’ to investigate further.

kay of the courier


  • Art: Bob Bunkin
  • Story: George Beardmore


  • Kay Of The ‘Courier’
  • Kay Of The ‘Courier’ in the Rocking-Horse Mystery
  • Girl: circa Vol. 6 #40(02 October 1957) – ?
  • Story: George Beardmore,   Art: Bob Bunkin

Other Appearances: 

  • Kay Of The ‘Courier’ – The Best of Girl 1951 -1964 (2006)
  • Kay Of The ‘Courier’ – Girl Annual 7 (1958)


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