The Girl Who Hated Ballet


Judy Joliffe is working in the Mallory Hotel, Seabourne, to earn enough money to pay lessons at Madame Belona’s Ballet School. Judy discovers that Lorna Mallory, the daughter of her employer, was once a pupil at the school, but left suddenly and now hates ballet. Barbara Baynard, a girl who is jealous of Judy, persuades her to come out to Shell Island to collect shells for the scenery of “The Holidaymakers” ballet, which the school is presenting that night as part of Seabourne’s Festival Week. Barbara is determined to get Judy’s part, the leading role of Poppy Pierrette.

girl who hated ballet


  • Art: Paddy Brennan


  • The Girl who Hated Ballet– Judy:  #147 (03 November 1962) – #157 (12 January 1963)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #821 (4October 1975) – #830 (06 December 1975)

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