The Sorrows of Laughing Anne


Anne Foster cannot help laughing when she sees a woman in a funny witch-like hat – but then she finds out the woman is a real witch. The witch takes revenge with a curse that makes Anne laugh with a loud, hideous, uncontrollable cackle. This gets Anne into a lot of trouble at home and school. When it gets to the point where Anne’s father decides to send her to special school, she goes on a desperate search of the witch to get the spell lifted.

With the help of a lady who realises she is under a spell, Anne finds the witch. The witch falls into deep water and pleads for Anne to help her, as the water will destroy her powers. Anne is tempted to laugh at the witch’s plight because it looks so funny, but resists it and helps the witch out.

The witch is very impressed at this, but tells Anne she has already broken the spell herself by resisting the urge to laugh. So she returns the favour by making everyone forget the trouble the spell caused.

sorrows of laughing Ann



  • The Sorrows of Laughing Anne – Mandy: #534 (9 April 1977) – #543 (11 June 1977)

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