Cannonball Kate


Helped by Janet Lee, a visiting games teacher, the girls of Gaunt Street slum school form a hockey team. Kate Craddock turns out to be their star player, able to hit a hockey ball harder than any other girl. Now the Education Committee are threatening to build on their pitch. The girls draw up a petition, collect signatures, and go to the town hall to present it to the Mayor.

Kate and the team return in Cannonball Kate and the Magpies. The Magpies Hockey Club are touring the canals in a traditional narrowboat, they become involved in a match against a team of Amazons led by the Honourable Hortense Frobisher, who’s one aim is to win – no matter what.

cannonball kate



  • Cannonball Kate – Judy:  #408 (04 November 1967) – #426 (09 March 1968)
  • Cannonball Kate and the Magpies – Judy:  #474 (8 February 1969) – #490 (31 May 1969)
  • Cannonball Kate at Croxford – Judy:  #491 (7 June 1969) – (?)

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