Diamonds for Danger


Unknown to gipsy sisters Bettina and Nina Kayak, an agent of the young Helena of Moritania had sewn the diamonds of the Coronation necklace on the girls’ dancing dresses in their caravan. It was a law of the country that the Coronation could not take place if the queen were not wearing the necklace; and the queen’s enemies, led-by William, the Prince Regent, were determined to find it.

diamonds for danger


  • Art: John Armstrong


  • Diamonds for Danger  – Judy:  #574 (09 January 1971) –  #593 (22 May1971)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #1377 (31 May 1986) – #1396 (11 October 1986)


9 thoughts on “Diamonds for Danger

  1. I think this story may have been reprinted in the mid-to-late 80s when I read Judy and Tracy/Judy because the plot summary and the names Bettina and Nina definitely ring a bell (although these names appear much more often in comics than they appear to in real life!). There was something about a fake gipsy who was found out by the fact that he stood on a snail, something that real gipsies would never do because the snail, like them, travelled around taking its house with it. I have no idea whether this is part of real gipsy lore or just something that was made up for the sake of the story!

    1. Good memory, it’s funny how certain details can stick in a memory! I’ve added the ‘snail’ panel above. It is likely that it was reprinted in the 80s, as that was common practice, but I don’t have issue numbers for it.

    2. Thanks for adding the snail detail – it’s good to know the old brain cells are still working! I was quite happy to hear that it was real lore. I also hate treading on snails.

  2. Diamonds For Danger ended in issue 593 (May 22 1971). The reprint, also in JUDY, ran between 1377 (May 31 1986) and 1396 (October 11 1986).

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