The Chair that Rocked St. Claire’s!


Dr Winifred Rose, who was the Head of St. Claire’s College for Girls, had been sent a weird rocking chair from her brother, Professor Rose, who was in Africa. When the chair was rocked on wood, a strange vapour came from the arms, which made people feel young and happy.

chair that rocked


  • An adaption of “Dr. Crusty’s Rollicking Rocker” that appeared in The Wizard in 1940


  • The Chair that Rocked St. Claire’s!  – Judy: #598 (26 June 1971) – #615 (23 Oct.  1971)


1 thought on “The Chair that Rocked St. Claire’s!

  1. The Chair That Rocked St. Claire’s! runs in Judy 598 (Jun. 26 1971) – 615 (Oct. 23 1971). This story is a reasonably faithful adaptation of Dr. Crusty’s Rollicking Rocker, which ran for fifteen instalments in The Wizard in 1940.

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