Pam on the Purple Planet


Nurse Pam Massey is transported, car and all, to the distant Purple Planet in outer space, where a mysterious illness threatens to wipe out the Volentian population. The sickness turns out to be whooping cough! Pam agrees to cross to the uninhabited side of the planet to find a cure. She is accompanied by a six-legged dog called Zeta and a Davit, a flying machine controlled by the Volentians.

pam of purple planet



  • Pam on the Purple Planet – #55 (10 March 1979) – #66 (26 May 1979)

5 thoughts on “Pam on the Purple Planet

  1. I like your blog. Plucky girls to the rescue of everybody ! I came here in search of stories that, I think, are the ingenue precursors of modern nonsense like The Hunger Games and Twilight. No luck as yet! Again, your blog is marvellous fun. Cheery bye !

  2. I believe that if you apply some rational thought to the matter, Quiet Storm, it will soon become apparent that the whooping cough in question is a fictional whooping cough, from forty years ago at that, and it isn’t even on Earth. So there’s no point your worrying about it!

    1. Fran of the Floods, is a great read, I’d also recommend the other Jinty book “Land of No Tears/ The Human Zoo”
      DC Thomson don’t have reprinted trades, but there are always old copies on ebay or 30thcenturycomics.

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