The Seeing Eye


Pat Somerville, junior reporter, was able to see the hidden truth about people with the help of a Seeing Eye stone. The stone made her successful but she became hard and cynical. Pat found out that a fellow reporter, while working as a stage-hand years before, had killed a leading actress. Ethel Grayling, the retired stage star who had given Pat the Seeing Eye, knew the whole story. It was a tragic accident but Pat still wants to run the story.

seeing eye


  • Artist: Oliver Passingham
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Het alziend oog” (” The All-Seeing Eye”) – Debbie #38 (1983).


  • The Seeing Eye  Judy and Emma:  #1039 (08  December 1979) – #1049 (16 February 1980)



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