The Change in Cheryl


Cheryl is being fostered by the Dysons. She is naturally shy and quiet, but then she stands up to a bully, winning admiration from her foster sister and friends. Cheryl then decides that the way to go in not being pushed around is to go all out to get anything she wants, regardless of anyone else.

change in cheryl


  • Artist: Ron Lumsden


  • The Change in Cheryl –  Bunty:  #1958 (22 July 1995) – #1972 (28 October 1995)

4 thoughts on “The Change in Cheryl

    1. Could anyone please tell me how this story ended ? I remember Cheryl taking her foster sister’s place on a school trip after she had given up her place to stay with Cheryl and that’s the last issue I had with that story.

      1. No idea, but a similar Bunty story, “Lessons from Lindy”, had the protagonist eventually realise she was going to the other extreme in being pushy instead of a pushover, and she found the true meaning of being assertive. I’m guessing Cheryl ended in a similar way.

        1. I am missing that issue too, but as Mistyfan said above it’s likely to have ended with her realising she was taking things too far. If I do get the issue I will let you know for definite.

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