Jenni the Homeless Genie [1978]


When Jenni the Genie’s bottle gets broken she goes in search of a new one, but is having difficulty finding anything suitable. She also encounters people who demand wishes or overhears people wishing for something, which she has to grant. Much humour and hijinks come from Jenni granting those wishes literally, such as giving a girl a lift right through the air when she wishes for a lift to school. Later, she makes pop star Gary Glimmer appear on top of the TV set when the same girl wishes to see him on the TV instead of a boring educational programme in geography class. Because Jenni is homeless, the effect of her wishes is not permanent. For example, Gary vanishes from the school once Jenni’s magic wears off – but not before a dragon teacher reveals herself to be a Gary Glimmer fan and asks for his autograph!



  • Jenni the Homeless Genie – Debbie: #272 (29 April 1978)- #294 (30 September 1978)


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