Nasty Nancy


When Nancy Norton became an apprentice artist at Haggett’s Pottery, in Victorian Times, she was dismayed by the cruel abuse of the young people who worked there. The only way she could help was to make herself a favourite of her employers, which earned her name of “Nasty Nancy”.



  • Nasty Nancy – Tracy: #153 (4 September 1982) – #161 (30 October 1982)

3 thoughts on “Nasty Nancy

  1. I remember that one. Funny how she almost has the same name as Nancy Norden, a real Nasty Nancy from “Be Nice to Nancy!”

    Artist is Rodney Sutton as I recall.

    BTW, full stop needed at the end.

  2. The word ‘favorite’ in the Plot Summary above should be spelt ‘favourite’, as ‘favorite’ is the way it is spelt in America.

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