Slave to the Dolls


Josie King’s mother bought a Victorian doll’s house with family, housekeeper and cook – but no servant doll. Josie became the servant doll, powerless to resist the call of bullying Mrs Higgins, the housekeeper doll. Believing it to be her only escape, Josie was determined to find the missing doll and put her back in the house.


  • Art: Tony Thewenetti


  • Slave to the Dolls – Tracy: #55 (18 October 1980) – #68 (17 January 1981)

3 thoughts on “Slave to the Dolls

  1. No full stop at the end.

    I wonder how Josie is able to find the missing doll if she is trapped in the doll’s house. Is she not trapped in the house all the time?

    1. She’s not trapped all the time, Mrs Higgens has a bell that calls her and she shrinks down. This happens at night, so of course it means she’s too tired the next day that she gets in trouble in school. That and her trying to find the doll, leads teachers and mom to think she’s developed a bad attitude!

  2. Maybe the reason the servant doll is missing is because she ran off? With a bully like Mrs Higgins it would not be surprising. Smash the bloody doll house, Josie!

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