Diana Annual 1972

Picture Stories

  • My Big Brother Marmaduke (Pages: 6-11) [Art: Jesus Redondo]
  • Sara and the Singing Planet (Pages: 14-19) [Art: Enrique Badia Romero]
  • Up-to-Date Kate (Pages: 20-21, 102-103)
  • Jane – Model Miss (Pages: 23-27)
  • The Ghost in the Big Top (Pages: 28-32) [Art: David Matysiak]
  • California – Here We Come! (Pages: 33-37) [Art: Tony Hudson]
  • Hi There, I’m Belle of the Ball! (Pages: 40-41)
  • A Girl Called Sarah (Pages: 42-45) [Art: George Martin]
  • Mary Brown’s Schooldays (Pages: 49-55, 120-125) [Art: Don Walker]
  • The Pony Who Liked Fun (Pages: 58-63) [Art: Jose Ariza?]
  • Rosie’s Hit Parade (Page 68)
  • Miranda’s Mexican Ballet (Pages: 70-75)
  • Lucy and the Dog Next Door (Pages: 77-80)
  • The Boy Next Door (Pages: 81-86) [Art: Rodney Sutton]
  • Patti’s Pony Express (Pages: 92-96)
  • Slave of the Romans (Pages: 97-101)
  • The Pride of St Petersburg (Pages: 104-107)
  • A Thin Time for Tessa (Pages: 109-113)
  • Willa the Witch (Pages: 114-117) [Art: George Martin]
  • Rosie Red Riding Hood (Pages: 118-119)

Text Stories

  • Escape to the New Forest (Pages: 46-47)
  • Sammy Goes to Sea (Pages: 66-67)
  • When Vinegar Lil Turned Purple (Pages: 88-89) [Art: George Martin]


  • Kate’s Year (Pages: 2-3, 126-127)
  • Sketch-a-Star (Pages: 12-13)
  • Get Packing! (Page 22)
  • Dishes for All Seasons (Pages: 38-39)
  • Training a Young Pony (Page 48)
  • A Lead on Dogs (Pages: 56-57)
  • Kate Goes Shopping (Pages: 64-65)
  • Belle of the Beach (Page 69)
  • All Present and Correct (Page 76)
  • Words and Music (Page 87)
  • Perfect Partners (Pages: 90-91)
  • Anna Pavlova (Page 108)


* Thanks to Goof for the information

2 thoughts on “Diana Annual 1972

  1. Hi, I had a Diana annual 60’s /70’s which had a story about a girl on a boat visiting different countries and looking at the costumes. She ended up wearing a sari if I remember right.can anyone help?

  2. I’ve checked all the Diana Annuals but I’m afraid I can’t see anything which looks like this. Do you remember anything else about the story? Might it have been in another annual?

    One story comes to mind as a possibility – “Petra the Party Maker” from the Judy Annual 1964. Petra is trying to organise a party for a sick and largely bedridden girl. The child has no interest in parties, but spends much of her time dreaming about foreign countries. So Petra organises a party in which she is taken down a river by boat, passing scenes of different countries, with people dressed in the national costumes, which have been set up along the river bank. No sari however, as India isn’t included.

    You can see a picture from the story here, and I would be happy to provide a scan of a page from it if that would help:


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